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Coat of arms (placeholder)
Country Wortland League
Government Lord Admiral P.P.A.
Area 30 Chunks
Population 10,000

Sidwig is a coastal city and the leading member of the Mahrtenlander Circle of the Wortland League. It is found in a bay at the coast of the western jungles.


Sidwig was founded in prehistorical times in a tropical bay. The local geography made for natural defenses: the bay shielded it against attacks from the sea, at the time rife with pirates, while the dense jungle made it difficult to approach by land. The presence of friendly and lightly clothed Amazon natives was supposedly not a factor in choosing the location.

Named in honour of the Roquewerran King Sidmund Marcus I, the city was built in a synthesis of the Nouvelle Reims School of Architecture with Wortlander traditions of elaborate gables and stone ornamentation. Sandstone, terracotta, and quartz were quarried far away and brought to Sidwig by sea to supply its construction works, consciously representative of the wealth and talent of the Wortland League.

In response increased naval activity in the southern parts of the ocean, Sidwig built the new Wortlander flagship “Mystia” to assert naval supremacy. It lies anchored at the bay's entrance.


As the administrative centre of the Mahrtenlander Circle and the seat of the Admiralty, Sidwig attracts the wealth of cities overseas. The scribes in its library sell a plethora of enchanted books, and a skeleton farm close to the city supplies the Wortland League's soldiers with arrows and its farmers with fertilizer.


St Martin
  • Admiralty Palace (unfinished)
  • St Martin Church
  • Library
  • skeleton farm
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