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Karak Izor

Known as the Copper Mountain to the human and Mamonos living in the vale bellow, Karak izor is one of the last great dwarf holds remaining. Build into a chain of mountains called “The Spears of Thrund”, Karak izor is rich is copper, gold, iron and redstone, with small lodes of precious gems found in the deep. aswell as the bounties from the dark, Karak izor is know for its high quality lumber and hardy barley.


Founded in the darkest age, Karak izor did not start as a prosperous Dwarfhold. Its first years were filled with hardships and grief. Dullahans, ghosts and other undead constantly threatend the inhabitants of the hold. Until the tower of the dawn was constructed, providing a haven to the dwellers above and acting as a gateway to the Copper Peak, The highest mountain in The Spears of Thrund.


Karak Izor has opened its gates to both the the local manling town of Solvada as well as the friendlier mamono in the neigboring woodlands. Providing large ammounts of stone to Soldavas road network aswell as tools and weapons for its armories, Karak Izor has begun a policy of friendship and trade with the manling town, opening an ambassy within its walls.

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