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Fairhold Principality

A small and young flegding island-polity in the southern spawn-ocean.

Founding Legend

Before settling on their island, its citizens lived care-free in a paradise like flower valley far away. Cataclysm strucked when an evil deity roll-backed their homes, forcing its people to find a new place to settle. While searching for their new home, another shadowy figure offered them to settle a small island in the Spawn Seas, the home of the notorious Wortland League.

Establishment of the Fairhold Principality

Trade Indentured servitude was soon established with the nations neighbor, the Wortland League. The principalities politics are defined by maintaining cordial relationship with its neighbors, paying off their debt to the Wortlander Trading company, while being at the same time wary of it's slavery, crusading and general exploitation policies. Bankrupted itself by participating in an unnecessary naval arms race againt the Wortlanders.

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