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A small coastal town.


Broodport was settled by explorers building on a pair of old and derelict Wizard towers. The smaller tower, in the middle of present-day Broodport, was gutted and retrofitted with a foundry to provide for the metallurgic needs of the fledgling settlement. A library from the original inhabitant of the tower still remains on the top level. The larger tower seemingly juts right out of the waves, and climbs high into the sky, it remains empty, but has a curiously long protrusion from it's top. Cartographers have found it useful as a jump point for their elytra-related excursions.


The town is still under construction, with monsters frequently roaming the streets at night. Broodport contains an automated smelting system, public storage facilities, an enchanting room, and an auto-fisher. It frequently provides a rest stop for travelers exploring the ocean, importing and exporting all manner of curiosities and trinkets from the far reaches of the world. If you're after a rare item, or book, chances are you'll find it in Broodport.

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