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Coat of arms
Country Wortland League
Government Lord Admiral P.P.A.
Area 25 Chunks
Population 300

Bokkum is a small island West of the spawn, across the Fenngolean Bay, and part of the Wortland League.


One of the earliest places to be settled in Mahrtenland, Bokkum was used by the Wortlander pioneers as grazing ground for sheep brought over from the mainland. The island was small and relatively safe, unlike the then-wild and dangerous mainland. The wool was used to fashion the sails and flags of their fleet. One of their ships anchored permanently at the island's beach.

As activity in the region increased and more people migrated towards the coast from the spawn, the sheep imported and raised by the Wortlanders were killed by vagrants. Wortlander boats set out once more to find sheep on the mainland to restart the population, but they suffered the same fate. As another island farther West had been colonised already, the decision was made to abandon Bokkum.

Following the departure of the Wortlanders, the island was successively settled by migrants from the spawn. After a period of conflict, it eventually fell under the control of the Brothens pirates, who used it as a base from which to raid areas on the spawn continent.
Recognising the strategic importance of the island and seeking to pacify the ocean, the Wortland League decided to reclaim Bokkum. Through a mixture of negotiation and coercion, the pirates and squatters were driven out. A farm, windmill, and a kontor with a belfry doubling as a watchtower were established, and traces of the previous occupation buried.

Sheep were re-introduced to the island, and the outpost grew into a small village over the years. Its economy is self-sustaining, and its agricultural produce is exported to other cities of the Wortland League and readily shared with new players coming from nearby Solvada.


White weresheep woman in wheat field

Bokkum's main exports are wool, beef, and leather; much of the island continues to be used as pasture for sheep and cattle. A small wheat warm ran by Dentelle the weresheep provides fodder for the animals.

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