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United Empire of Solvada

United Empire of Solvada
Local Languages Latin (official)
Demonyn Solvadan
Government Federal Constitutional Monarchy
Leader Emperor Ricarius
Establishment 1 N.E. (2017)
Population 7,325,000

The United Empire of Solvada is a human-dominated imperial state situated on the Central Continent, renowned for its vast size and its involvement in global affairs.



According to official documents held within the Solvadan historical archives, the history of Solvada as a nation can be traced back to the origins of humanity itself. It is said that humans first arrived in this strange and alien world many hundreds of years ago by unknown means, though prevailing theories suggest some form of inter-dimensional magic, possibly used by mamono natives to abduct humans from their homes for breeding purposes. Over time, many humans managed to group together and form societies independent from the mamono, though they often lived in fear of the very real possibility that wandering mamono rape-gangs would conquer and enslave their primitive settlements with ease.

As resentment against mamonokind grew among the human tribes, an ancient warlord known only by the name 'Solvadus' set out to convert, annex, or conquer the tribes neighboring his own, promising protection and freedom from mamono attack if they chose to submit to his rule. He claimed to have been divinely inspired by a higher being that supposedly is meant to represent Order, and is in direct opposition to the chief goddess worshiped by all mamono, Ammit. As such, following the annexation of numerous human tribes and settlements under his rule, Solvadus established the Holy Kingdom of Solvada, and declared an 'eternal crusade' against all mamonokind.

Defense & Isolation

Though many territorial gains were made during the series of holy wars to follow, Solvadus and his military command soon realized the logistical difficulties of carrying out a systematic extermination of all monster girls on the continent, and switched their focus to defense of the Solvadan hearth-lands instead. Large fortifications of stone were constructed around the rapidly-growing capital city of Solvada, providing an nigh-impenetrable barrier between the largest human settlement on the continent and the roving hordes of mamono seeking to attack, rape, and abduct human men to mate with. Development and maintenance of the military as a professional fighting force was highly emphasized, to ensure that the barricades were always defended by sentries around the clock, and militia forces were always ready to defend smaller settlements outside the protection of the main wall.

As the years passed, Solvada had adopted and maintained a strongly isolationist policy in regards to interactions with the outside world. The kingdom rarely, if ever, chose to interact with non-human nations in a positive manner, and even independent human settlements were regarded with suspicion and mistrust by the central Solvadan government. The kingdom was widely regarded on the international stage as a pariah state, and considered to be unconditionally hostile to all mamono species and groups. This sentiment was cemented in Solvadan society by its state religion, the Order of the Chief God, which taught that the very existence of mamono is antithetical to a peaceful and virtuous life for most humans. This religion would eventually give rise to the notorious Paladin groups which exist today, originally bankrolled by the Solvadan government and the Order to carry out the Eternal Crusade originally declared by Solvadus so long ago.

The Great Shift & Solvadan Civil War

Only recently have these rigid and xenophobic tendencies begun to give way to new ideas, as the common people began to hear news of other human nations living peacefully alongside mamono, and even integrating them into their societies as proper citizens as well. The power of the Order began to wane considerably, even with the Solvadan government working diligently to maintain its status as the state religion. Tensions rose to a boiling point as news spread of the royal family banishing one of their princes for espousing mamono-sympathetic rhetoric, enraging a significant portion of the population over the suppression of free expression. After all, if the royals were willing to punish their own family for such actions, there would be little to keep them from doing the same to all people in the kingdom. An uprising began within and across Solvada, rallying behind the exiled prince as a symbol of their rebellion, and after a quick but unfortunately bloody civil war, the royal family was ousted from power, and the prince placed on the throne as the new King of Solvada.

Post-Civil War Restructuring

With the newly-crowned King Ricarius taking the throne after the civil war, sweeping reforms were instituted in Solvada's government to usher in the new age. Ricarius began by declaring that the Order would no longer be the state religion of Solvada, turning the kingdom into an officially secular nation, likely in response to their sending templar and paladin mercenaries to aid the royal family during the civil war. Another radical change was a full restructuring of Solvada's government, drafting a new national constitution which guaranteed basic and universal rights for all Solvadan citizens, as well as limiting the powers of the throne by establishing a legislative body (the Representative Assembly) and a supreme court that would check the power of the King, who would now be limited primarily to executive functions as the head of state. The various provinces and outer settlements of Solvada were also given greater autonomy, allowing them to become less dependent on the capital for resources, as well as able to create their own municipal laws beyond the decree of the King or their local lord. This would result in the kingdom being transformed from a despotic aristocratic monarchy to a federal constitutional monarchy.

To further emphasize the drastic and significant changes being made to Solvada by the new king, Ricarius proceeded to also declare during one of his major speeches that the Holy Kingdom of Solvada would be officially dissolved, and replaced by the United Empire of Solvada, of which he would be its first Emperor. He also declared that the nation's period of diplomatic isolation has ended, announcing his intention to forment positive relations with all of Solvada's neighbors, and work to establish a lasting peace between humans and non-humans alike.


WIP (basically heavily inspired by the United States government, except the Representative Assembly is more like a parliament with a prime minister, and of course there is an Emperor instead of a President)


WIP (in a nutshell, Roman legions if Rome lasted into the early Renaissance era)


WIP (traditionalists, the people who still don't like monster girls and want to see them eradicated, vs loyalists, the people who agree with Ricarius' beliefs that humans and mamono can live in harmony together, but only with humanity being on top)


WIP (kind of self-explanatory if you've seen it in-game)


WIP (kind of a wierd hybrid of Gold-Standard capitalism and medieval mercantilism, but also providing for the very base needs of its citizens)

International Relations

WIP (tries to be friends with everyone)

Imperial Commonwealth

The ultimate culmination of Ricarius' efforts to establish peace and unity between all nations in this world, the Imperial Commonwealth of Nations is an international organization whose intended goal is to provide a forum through which nations can conduct commerce, discuss joint projects, present grievances, and settle disputes between one another. Solvada is the host and leading nation of the Commonwealth, with the primary meeting place being in Solvada's capital city. All members of the Commonwealth are given the right to vote on resolutions that are brought before the Commonwealth membership, which can range from commercial agreements to research projects to condemnations of rogue states. Further, any member of the Commonwealth is considered to be part of Solvada's 'Imperial Realm', and thus free travel between Solvada and all other member states is permitted.


WIP (mostly humans and their monster girl waifus)

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