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The Dark Ages

The server's history goes back years before the invention of this wiki written records. Most of the world's settlements were founded in that period. Many of their stories are lost to time, but some were passed down in the oral history of the players.


The first records of Mahrtenland are found in the logbooks of the Wortland League. On a routine trip from distant Scheldland, one of their ships got caught in a storm and shipwrecked at the western coast of the Solvadian Continent. The crew under Captain P.P.A. found themselves in a land inhabited by cute but ferocious beast-women. Losses were high as the crew fended off harpy attacks on their coastal outpost while repairing their ship, which was anchored at Bokkum. During this time, a clan of Fingolians led by Venomthrope also arrived by sea and settled coast opposite of Bokkum.

Neither the Wortlanders nor the Fingolians had much interest in pushing back the violent natives and settling the mainland. They withdrew to their familiar habitats: the Wortlanders explored the Western Ocean and established outposts on various islands and the coast of the Western Continent, while the Fingolians built a mighty tower and disappeared in their mines and tunnels beneath. Other settlers arrived and made their shelter here and there, but left no mark on history.

Golden Age of Solvada

It was a man by the name of Ricarius who rallied the scattered and vulnerable human natives of the continent to found the walled city of Solvada, later the capital of an empire by the same name. Strategically situated at the spawn, Solvada became a safe harbour for humans. Its great walls protected them from monstergirl attacks, and within them many people settled and business thrived.

New polities were established around Solvada: the Dwarven fortress of Karak Izor to the north, Lolivania to the east, and the ill-fated [I-forgot-the-name] to the southwest, later tragically burned to the ground by a rebellion of its own people. Canals were dug linking the lakes and rivers to the east and a network of roads connected outlying towns to the heart of Solvada.

Humans ventured out ever farther afield, founding the northern port town of Broodport or the southern island-castle enclave of the Order of the Templars. The ruins of many unnamed forts, towers, and settlements can yet be found beyond the pale of civilisation.

The Pirate Wars

Abduction of the Solvadian Cowgirl

As humans asserted their dominance over Solvada's native monstergirls and relations between the two eased, the humans increasingly came into conflict with each other. An outlaw group of bandits and pirates coalesced under the leadership of Anon_Y and based themselves on Bokkum.

The pirates, rumoured to have been from from distant Jexxland, rose to infamy with the abduction of ArbiterTrio's Holstaurus wife Vivian to Bokkum. MagicMan framed ArbiterTrio for the act, and tragedy ensued when ArbiterTrio ragequit died of his broken heart. Investigations were launched into the matter with conflicting results, and civil unrest across Solvada followed.

Prompted by the turmoil and instability this crisis caused, the Wortland League returned to Bokkum, drove out the pirates and reasserted control over the island. The Brothens gang scattered to smaller islands farther west and south and continued to harass the seas and raid coastal areas, but their threat had been diminished and pirate activity slowed down.

Solvadan Border War

Main article: Cumshotka Crisis

A later echo of this crisis was when the city of Solvada came into territorial conflict with an associate of the Brothens pirates, bbboy. bbboy held an enclave within Solvada's walls which served as a refuge for monstergirl bandits, and Emperor Ricarius sought to annex it to ensure the safety of his citizens.
Pirate Lord Anon_Y involved himself and manipulated both sides. He tricked Ricarius into overplaying his hand by trying to flood the enclave with lava, and risking a greater diplomatic incident. The emperor ultimately relented.

The Darkest Age

Activity declined. Many settlements were abandoned and fell into ruin. Little is known about this period, which saw the Island of Gaia rise from the sea north of Bokkum, the completion of Solvada's road network, and the establishment of various smaller settlements on the far ends of the world.

The Hyperborean Age

After most of Mahrtenland had been abandoned, the spawn was moved to the far north. Many areas fell into ruin and were reabsorbed by the land. The ancient art of druidry was lost and forgotten. The period did see increased construction activity by the Wortlanders both on Bokkum and in Sidwig.

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