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Cumshotia Crisis

The Cumshotia Crisis ensued when Emperor Ricarius I of Solvada sought to annex bbboy's enclave in the walled city, which per its poor lighting was a spawning ground for hostile monstergirls.

Despite Solvada’s military superiority, Pirate Lord Anon_Y was known for his cunning tricks and ruses. By playing both sides, he managed to convince bbboy to turn over ownership of ‘Cumshotia’ to him, in order to grant him legal rights to avoid assimilation into the ever-advancing Solvadan empire.

In order to defeat emperor Ricarius, Anon_Y convinced him to construct walls of lava to obliterate the base, only for him to realize too late that there appeared to be some sort of magic preventing bbboy’s land from being incinerated. By the time Ricarius realized his fatal mistake, Anon_Y informed the Wortland League of Solvada’s treachery. The measures were deemed disproportionate and the empire was reprimanded for its aggressive behaviour. Ricarius was forced to withdraw from bbboy’s domain, lest the crisis escalate into a wider conflict.

Anon_Y remained victorious, earning a great fortune and payment from all three factions, and was let off scot-free.

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