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Anubian Crusade

Anubian Crusade
A Wortlander crusader after a night of battle, Mierburg in the background.
Date 21 Nov. 2020 – 22 Nov. 2020
Location Anubian Desert, Mierburg Castle
Result Wortlander victory
Wortland League Anubian Kingdom
Commanders and Leaders
Lord Admiral P.P.A. Anubian Priesthood
100 Wortlander Crusaders ~50.000 Ametes, Mummies, Zombies, Skeletons, etc.
0 tens of thousands

The Anubian Crusade was a war between the Wortland League and the local Anubian Kingdom in the coastal deserts of the Western Continent. It resulted in the plunder of the Anubian library and the Wortland League asserting control over the Anubian coast.


During the Dark Ages, the Wortland League built a pagoda-shaped outpost at the edge of the Western Continent's desert in order to quarry sandstone for the construction of Sidwig. The miners found themselves under frequent siege by the natives, and losses were high.

The Ametes and the Anubian Kingdom

The area was under the control of a race of antpeople, called Ametes by the Wortlanders, ruled by a sect of Anubian priests. The League's research determined that the Ametes of Anubia used the bodies of humans, preserved in a state of undeath, to breed their livestock, gravemites. The gravemites lay their eggs in their paralysed human host and start consuming it as they hatch, and are in turn eaten by the Ametes. (Unconfirmed rumour has it that Amete women have other uses for the bodies of captured human males.)
It appears that a sect of Anubis priests took control of the area at some point in the past. They have been observed using necromancy to reanimate corpses to defend themselves, so it is speculated that they used these powers to improve the Ametes' gravemite-breeding practices and to rise to power among them.

Wortlander Offensive

After the Wortland League had driven out the pirates from Bokkum and completed the construction of Sidwig, they turned their eyes to the Anubian Desert. The miners lost to the Ametes deserved to be avenged, the area secured for future exploitation, and the unholy practices of the natives eradicated.
The pagoda above the sandstone quarry, indefensible and vulnerable to attack from all sides, was torn down and replaced with a well-fortified stone tower: Mierburg Castle. Arms, armour and supplies were prepared in the League's holdings, and an expedition outfitted.

The War

A scene of battle. The crusaders from Wortland launched nightly punitive expeditions into the desert, repeatedly beating back the hordes of enemies that swarmed them. The Anubian forces were prone to infighting, with Skeleton archers' friendly fire hitting their own ranks.
After a week of raiding, the Wortlander forces managed to sack the Anubian royal library, carrying home valuable books. The Anubians gathered their remaining forces and gave pursuit, forcing the Wortlanders to barricade themselves in Mierburg. The beleaguered Wortlander knights successfully defended the castle and broke the counter-offensive, even rescuing a Weresheep from the Anubians.

Wortland, her armies undefeated and having inflicted great damage to Anubia and acquired rich spoils, declared victory.


The desert sands were marred with craters left behind by desperate Anubian suicide bombers.
One of the knights retired to a farm on Bokkum with his new warbride slave Weresheep.

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